Bertrand Devavry

The House of Devavry can be found just at the entrance to the village of Champillon and it is in fact the family home. It’s here that each member of the family was born and grew up. The village has a place in each of their hearts; it’s here that they have their roots and it’s from the vineyards roundabout that they draw their strength.

Vines have been cultivated on the hillsides of Champillon for over 2,000 years and in fact fossils remnants of vine leaves tell us that vines have been here for about 60 million years.

The history of the village is full of anecdotes but one, ‘The Strange Story of the Bells’ resonates with local people to this very day.

In 17th century the inhabitants of Champillon, who for years had been demanding that they be given official status as a parish, finally got their wish. Unfortunately this did nothing to calm them down because the new status brought with it such an increase in taxes that the villagers felt they were being robbed and passions were running high. The village was a real powder keg and the head man, one Jean Vautin, was just the man to light the fuse.

The final straw came when the village was asked to hand back the church bells which had been a gift from the nearby Abbey of Hautvillers. Dom Pérignon himself was charged with recovering the bells but it was a task that he was never to fulfil in the face of the outraged villagers.

A bloody scuffle took place and Dom Pérignon had to beat a hasty retreat leaving the bells in the hands of what he called "The Red Devils of Champillon", a name that has stuck with them to this day.

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Bertrand Devavry Brut

Een heerlijke frisse champagne gemaakt door het prestigieuze huis Bertrand Devavry
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Bertrand Devavry Grand Cru Brut

Een prachtige frisse pinot noir champagne, fruitige champagne van t prestigieuze huis Bertrand Devavry.
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Bertrand Devavry Blanc de Noir

De Blanc de Noir van Bertrand Devavry is een fruitige, krachtige champagne met een fijne mousse.
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Cuvée Carbon 2007

De bekende en zeer exclusieve Cuvee Carbon van het champagne huis Bertrand Devavry komt nu ook met een bouteille formaat.
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